The Absence Experience

The Absence Experience
10 min readJan 24, 2022

Welcome to TAE.

Will you join The Absence Collective?

Or will you become one of the sheep?

Introductory Lore

The Absence Experience was a phenomenon that occurred nearly 10 years ago. All of the creativity and originality was seemingly drained straight from the collective soul of society. Unfortunately, no one noticed it happening until it was to late. We all woke to see the news that every great work of art across the world had been seemingly erased from existence. Sculptures were reduced to rubble, carvings caught fire, the music was silent, and paintings were left as nothing more than a Desecrated Canvas. All beauty and hope was disappearing alongside the art, and the world became cold and grey.

The Absence Collective formed, naming themselves after the catastrophe that brought them together. TAC was formed from artists, collectors, creatives, and those that chose to fight for the purity of originality and creativity. Together, they managed to gather all of the Desecrated Canvases from around the world. They had decided that, together, they could return color to the world. They could bring back originality and creativity and show the world the beauty of creating something special and new. They began to plan the distribution of these canvases to ensure that everyone that poured their soul out onto that canvas would never be forgotten.

As they began to experiment it was found that these “Desecrated Canvases” had been imbued with some sort of “mutability”. They could be turned into sculptures, paintings, sketches, and any other medium the TAC could think to use! It seemed that, after a Desecrated Canvas was worked with and became something new, it was Redeemed! So, the TAC began referring to the completed works, regardless of if it was a sculpture or a painting, as “Redeemed Canvases”.

Those outside TAC became known as “The Sheep”. They were almost zombielike in behavior, but displayed no aggression. They simply went about their days, following the latest trends, noses buried deep into their digital interfaces. The never looked up to realize that everything they were consuming digitally was a simple rehashing of something else. They were caught in the whirlpool known as The Absence Experience.

Only those that could break themselves away ever found theTAC.

The research into the TAE and the Desecrated Canvases opened up the doors to the TAC to begin recruitment drives to find photographers, musicians, artists, carvers, and anyone else that loved to create and was passionate about it.

The Absence Collective

If you’re still reading then it is evident you have chosen to join the TAC in defense of our uniqueness within this world from the TAE.

You have all chosen to join The Absence Collective to stand against The Absence Experience plaguing our home. In doing so, you have one goal to understand. You are to devote yourself to pushing back The Absence through the creation of original works to restore life to the Desecrated. Every single blight of desecration left behind by The Absence must be cleansed.

The Call to Action

Will you be one that steps into the unknown and creates something amazing?

Will you turn the Desecrated Canvas into something even more beautiful than it was before, or will you pass the opportunity off onto someone else?

When the time comes to decide, will you be responsible for returning beauty and originality back into our world, or will you be a bystander while others achieve greatness?

TAC Mission

The Absence Experience began in an instant, and it will be introduced to you in the same swift way. Unexpectedly, and all at once. You have all joined The Absence Collective to take part in our great mission to push back The Absence from Solana Beach. In doing so, only then will The Absence Experience come to an end. Only then will we have succeeded in returning originality, creativity, and beauty to our world.


We here at TAC understand the great weight of this commitment, and we understand the looming shadow of the task ahead. Due to this we developed compensation packages that will accomplish two goals. First, the artist that restores the Desecrated and creates a work that is Redeemed will receive 80% of the royalties from that individual work for the remainder of its existence. Second, 20% of the royalties from all works will be put into a trust and be distributed to caretakers of these fine works. We hope this gesture demonstrates our dedication to defeating The Absence, and we look forward to your work.

Project Information

So, what are we?
TAE is an NFT project based entirely in community involvement and engagement. We’ve taken the traditional concept of minting an NFT and, in many ways, flipped it on its head. TAE has been designed, from the ground up, as a project that will accomplish multiple goals for multiple people as well as create a commentary on originality and creativity in NFT’s.

How do we plan to do that?

The name, “The Absence Experience”, tells you what makes this project unique. While we ARE an NFT project, we are also an experience that intends to create opportunity. Opportunities to make your mark, create something new, and take a step towards financial independence. Of course the next obvious question is, “How are you going to provide these opportunities through this project?”. I would love to explain that further for you! However, before I can, I need to make sure that you all understand something EXTREMELY important. You will be able to acquire a Desecrated Canvas and turn it into ANYTHING you like (with approval from the TAC). Being a Desecrated Canvas means one very simple to understand thing. It means that there is nothing there, and we must restore it to life. We must turn it from a Desecrated Canvas to a Redeemed Canvas.

What? The art is missing? What does that mean?

That means that someone is out there stealing the art and we have no idea why! Each and every day more art is stolen and less originality can be found in the souls of the collective creative community. Even amongst collections that DO stand out as unique, the originality is beginning to fade. Ideas and information fly about so fast that having an original idea might seem like a complete impossibility to some. To others though, they love the task of innovation, they crave the adventure of ingenuity, and everyday they work to be original and do something special. These are those that we want to join The Absence Collective to explore The Absence Experience and solve the mysteries surrounding us.

Now what?

Now? Now we bring art back into the world of TAE! Each TAE NFT mint will entitle the holder to a single submission of artwork. This piece of artwork must be original and must be able to be proven as such. If the art can not be verified as original you will be asked to submit another. Secondary markets will be setup for both the Redeemed Canvas AS WELL AS the Desecrated Canvases. You own the NFT, so ANYTHING you choose, within moral boundaries of TAE approval, will be uploaded as the metadata for the NFT! The world we see here before us is completely colorless and lifeless. There is no art in this world anymore. There is no history, there is no future. There is only what we create and what we decide to do with the creativity inside us all.

How Do I Earn?

Earning through TAE is something that will require some up front effort, and then nothing else! It really will be that simple. There are several different avenues to earning as a part of this project, so please allow me to explain.

1 — If you choose to join the mint and choose to mint 3 Desecrated Canvases, you will be able to list those Desecrated Canvases on a market that is separate from the Redeemed Canvases. So, first way to earn is to sell your NFT’s!

2 — If you choose to mint 3 Desecrated Canvases and ALSO choose to do 3 unique works of creativity to create 3 Redeemed Canvases, you will earn royalties off of the secondary sales of those Redeemed Canvases for life. The split has not been figured out, but the majority of the royalties will go to the one that Redeems the canvas, with a much smaller portion going to the DAO.

3 — If you choose to buy a bunch of Redeemed Canvases off of secondary because you loved the pieces, you will receive royalties from the DAO, split amongst all holders, on a per NFT basis.

So, we are creating multiple ways to earn by participating in TAE and joining the TAC!

Why Should I Mint? (Creatives)

As an artist, there are several reasons you might choose to mint a desecrated canvas.

1 — Minting a Desecrated Canvas grants you as the holder the irrevocable right to REDEEM that canvas with your own original piece of art. Now remember, art can mean SO MANY different things. Art can be music, animations, 2D, 3D, photography, video, etc… so there are plenty of ways to participate!

2 — The artist or person that submits the desecrated canvas for redemption will also enter a wallet to receive 80% of the secondary market royalties for life. So, in participating, you are ALSO creating ongoing income streams for yourself! So not only are you investing in an NFT project, you are ALSO investing in yourself!

3 — As an artist, exposure is of UTMOST importance when it comes to getting commissions. By submitting your piece to redeem the canvas, you are also submitting in many ways a business card. When the desecrated canvas are redeemed, we will ask for fields of information that will be updated into the metadata of the NFT. We will ask for not only the image, but a description, your twitter and discord names, etc…

We are asking for this information so that others can identify artwork and styles that they like by looking at TAE NFT’s, identify the contact information for the artist of a piece they like (Discord and Twitter), and potentially even then hire this artist for a project they are launching! So not only are we working to create a tool for artists to harness to make an income off of their creativity and talents, we are also creating a tool for artists to advertise their works! There is no limit to the number of NFT’s one person can redeem.

Why Should I Mint? (Non-Creatives)

You can’t draw stick figured without them looking like trees, so why should you participate? Well, the opportunities are there for YOU as well! Remember, there are MANY reasons why value will exist in this project, and not only for artists and other creatives, but for those that support the arts and creativity as well.

1 — The Desecrated Canvases are deflationary and are designed to be so. As more are redeemed by holders, the supply will go down. As the supply goes down, the demand will increase and the price will increase. So, you could mint them to simply be a gatekeeper for others to get a desecrated canvas and profit off of increasing secondary prices.

2 — Remember, this project is creating a process in which you will be updating the metadata and providing the information to do so yourself. Maybe you can’t draw, but can your mother, brother, friend, or coworker? Maybe you know an artist from twitter! Remember, you are not just uploading an NFT to the blockchain when doing this, you are also licensing the royalties on the blockchain for the piece. These royalties can be split.

Let’s say you work out a deal with your friend, who is an artist, to do a piece for you. They agree and you guys settle on a 50/50 split of the royalties. 80% of the royalties are provided to the one that “redeems” the canvas. When you redeem the canvas, you will enter the wallet(s) that the royalties will go to as well as the % that the wallet will receive. So, by owning the desecrated canvases you can ALSO make yourself a marketer for other artists while ALSO rewarding them with royalties! Remember, the artists contact information will be present in the descriptions, so the desire to get access to a desecrated canvas MAY be pretty high!

3 — HOLDERS of the REDEEMED CANVASES (the newly submitted pieces of art) will receive, split amongst holders PER NFT they hold, 20% of the total royalties from the full collection. Those that redeemed will be getting 80% of the royalties from the NFT they redeem. However, holders will get a split of 20% of ALL of the secondary royalties. So, maybe you mint several, work out some deals with artists, buy a few off of secondary, and set yourself up with SEVERAL income streams!

See? Plenty of ways to take part!

Tentative Roadmap

TAE was created to experiment with what a community can accomplish and what NFT’s can be while returning the value and ownership back to the holder. This collection is meant to be also a commentary on originality and creativity within the NFT space.

Phase 1 — Premint — January 2022 to TBA
— Open Twitter, Discord, and additional social media/communications platforms
— Begin marketing via WL giveaways, collabs, and more
— Share “art” sneak peeks
— Begin work on minting and redemption sites
— Begin hard marketing strategies to boost engagement
— Partnerships for 1/1's

Phase 2 — Post Mint — TBA
— Launch Party / Mint
— Listing on ME for Blank Canvases
— Implement server verification and start the TACDAO
— Continuation of development of redemption platform
— Sneak-Peeks to Redemption Platform
— Announce Redemption Platform Start Date

Phase 3 — Post Platform Release — TBA
— Launch Redemption Platform
— Redemption Bot?
— Once a day metadata will be uploaded and updated for all newly redeemed canvases
— Once redeemed canvases enter the marketplace, royalties will begin to accrue.
— First Distribution of royalties to holders will be determined through DAO vote.
— Royalties for the artist will be directly deposited to the artist requested wallet.

This is all tentative and subject to change at this time.



The Absence Experience

Welcome to The Absence Experience, an experiment of artistic expression on SOL. Join the collective, join the experience, save the world.