The Absence Experience — Update 2/2/22

The Absence Experience
6 min readFeb 2, 2022


Hey Folks, just figured another update was due, so here we are with what ended up being way more than I intended on revealing at this point, but oh well. I got into a rhythm and here we are. JoshY is working on our initial webpage and we’re hoping to have something up soon for you all regarding that.

While we are waiting for that, I wanted to explain a little further how the mint and redemption process will work as well as some future roadmap additions to look forward to!

Currently we are in the Pre-Launch phase for the project as a whole. Those of you that are here now, are here EARLY. So, tentatively here is what is planned for The Absence Experience as a whole.

We want this to be, as it says, an experience. Something that is not only going to hopefully create income streams, great art, and a bright community, but also a conversation around originality and creativity.

The Absence Experience — Roadmap Update/Reveal

The Desecration

Currently we are in The Desecration, a time in the future where originality and uniqueness have been forcibly drained from the population and all mementos of our colorful history have been destroyed. All of the artwork across the world was seemingly systematically hunted down and destroyed to remove even the memory of what we once were. In place of the beauty that art, originality, and creativity brought to this world was now the never-ending monochrome nightmare of The Absence and a hivemind state of existence. Not even the trees were green anymore.

Over time there were those that escaped the grasp of The Absence, these survivors united and formed The Absence Collective. They sought to restore color, originality, and creativity to the world to counteract the effects of The Absence. The Absence Collective began recruiting others into their ranks to prepare for the days ahead. Those that joined and aided the TAC became known as the TAC Redemption Unit and were renowned for their unique approaches to reversing the damage done by The Absence. There were many different sub-categories to this unit, but more information on that later.

This is our prelaunch phase in which we will be launching our website, ramping up marketing, securing collabs and partnerships, and increasing our social media presence. This phase strongly requires assistance from the community to be successful, so we ask that you help us get the word out as much as you feel comfortable!

The Redemption Engine

As time went on, the TAC research into the phenomenon causing The Absence began to advance tremendously. No one could quite yet say what caused it, but the first major breakthrough into how the worlds art had all become Desecrated Canvases provided more than hope to the TAC. It was discovered that the physical representation of the “Desecrated Canvas” was *physically* malleable. Once shaped into a new, unique, 100% original form, it could be locked by The Redemption Engine so that it could **never** be changed again. The material seemed to be capable of synchronizing with the mind of the one holding it and could take the form of whatever artistic medium they could think of. This provided endless opportunities for the TAC to begin their mission and establish a foothold for uniqueness, creativity, and artistic expression against The Absence.

It is at this phase that we will will begin the process of our mint, and shortly thereafter we will have the Redemption Engine live to be used to redeem your Desecrated Canvas. Please note that there WILL be posted “rules” regarding the content that can be included with your “Redemption”. If your submission breaks the rules or does not meet other criteria, posted at the time, it will be denied in the manual overview process. You will not lose your NFT to this, but you will be required to submit again. It is also at this stage that we will introduce 3 self selected new roles into the Discord for those that are holders of Redeemed Canvases or Desecrated Canvases.

The first will be TAC Creatives. These are artists that minted their own Desecrated Canvas and plan to do the art themselves.**

The second is TAC Curators. These are those that collect and protect the Redeemed Canvasses so that they can be displayed and shared by all.

The last will be the TAC Talent Agents. This is the class that plans to find artists to complete the creative side of the work for them in exchange for up front payment OR a percentage share of the royalties.

If you have another plan, that is perfectly fine! You will not be required to have any of these roles, but you WILL only be able to pick one whenever you want. Each one will have access to a class specific set of channels within the DAO to communicate with others that have a similar mindset in their approach to the project revenue streams, as well as a group general chat and the traditional DAO fare.

The Absence Collective Phase 2 — TBA

At this point in time the TAC has grown in numbers tremendously. However, at the same time there has also been a disturbing increase in TAC member disappearances. Due to this it was decided that The TAC would provide a means of digital identification to all members that identified the particular role they played within The TAC.

This will mark Phase 2 of the project and at this time we will launch a PFP project utilizing the various subclasses outlined below as well as a surprise 4th. This portion of the project will be included in the TAE DAO in some way, whether through a separate royalties wallet or another method. More information will be provided at a later date.

The TAC Researchers are an as of yet unannounced subclass of the TAC ecosystem. They will also, by default, be the most rare. The Researchers managed to capture a sample of The Absence, but swore themselves to an oath of secrecy regarding its true nature. They did, however, manage to discover a way to somewhat control it. Now, when they are in danger of being discovered, they release their “sample” with orders to find specific members of the TAC community. This will be a randomly triggered (details at a later date) vote that only The Researchers will have the ability to take part in and will be regarding using the royalties to sweep the floor of the PFP project and randomly distribute the NFT’s to members of the TAC Researchers Sub-DAO. More details regarding this will come at a later date.

The TAC Creatives are a subclass of the PFP portion of this project. The Creatives are, as could be assumed, full of creativity and a desire to bring new and original art into the world. The Creatives know that the only way that they can truly say they did their part would be to restore every single Desecrated Canvas. TAC Creatives will have a randomly triggered vote that only The Creatives can take part in. The Creatives can vote whether to use the royalties to sweep the floor of The Desecrated Canvases, and randomly distribute them to members of of the TAC Creatives Sub-DAO. More details regarding this will come at a later date.

The TAC Curators appreciate and respect quality works of art, although they often can not produce them on their own. The Curators own Redeemed works of art themselves, and can always tell both beauty and quality when they see it. They believe everything that is unique, original, and shows there was a true effort to create has value, and they love nothing more than seeing the value of their own personal galleries increase. The Curators will get access to a randomly triggered vote to use the royalties to sweep the floor of Redeemed Canvasess, and randomly distribute them to members of the TAC Curators Sub-DAO. More details regarding this will come at a later date.

The TAC Talent Agents recognize talented artists when they see them, but don’t necessarily always appreciate the art, nor are they capable of creating it themselves. What they do appreciate, though, are those royalties! Nothing wrong with that. They find talent and bring quality artwork to The TAC to advance the mission. They do an irreplaceable service, and they are compensated accordingly. The Talent Agents will have access to a randomly triggered vote that only The Talent Agents can take part in. This will be a vote to use the royalties to buy specific pieces of Redeemed art from the collection and then relist the purchased pieces at a higher price with the proceeds going back to the DAO wallet. More information regarding this will come at a later date.

The details surrounding the “random trigger” that will cause these votes, which will also have additional caveats announced at the time of the vote, will be released alongside this phase of the project, after mint has concluded. Keep in mind that this is still in the future and is not the first phase of the project. The first phase of the project must be successful before we can proceed to this phase.



The Absence Experience

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